How to learn better seo techniques and tactics through best seo trainng institute in delhi ncr?

Seo(search engine optimization) is a technique used to optimize search engine for higher ranking of our websites in organic search results. Organic search is a search which is free of cost and is not paid. Seo is a part of digital marketing and is used to show web pages of a company containing their services and products on the top of the search engine results of a Google search.

A variety of techniques is used to improve the ranking of a website in the Google search. If you want a better career in search engine optimization you must join our classes at best Seo training institute in delhi ncr. We are providing world-class training to our students with practical knowledge on live projects.

Nanoarch SEO-training

Technically SEO is divided into two parts

  • On-page

On page, SEO is the work that takes place on the website of the company and it deals with customization of HTML codes of the website. Different activities take place in on-page. Some are listed below

  1. Knowledge of robots and crawlers
  2. Content optimization
  3. Title optimization
  4. Meta tag optimization
  5. URL optimization
  6. Image optimization

These are some of the on-page activities but they are even more in number. At Nanoarch software you will be guided properly with expert and experienced trainers who have 6+ years of experience in the arena of SEO.

  • Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO is the work that takes place away from the website and plays an important role in the optimization of the search engine. Off-page basically deals with link building and few more off-page activities are listed below

  1. Proper link building
  2. Social bookmarking
  3. Blog submission
  4. Image submission
  5. Video submission
  6. Pdf submission
  7. Doc submission

These are few off-page activities that are necessary for proper optimization. is top SEO company in Delhi NCR. If you want to become the master of SEO you must get trained through us.


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